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The winning artwork of each section are conditional on the purchase by the A.C.I.S. as follows:
Painting Section: prize of € 4.000,00* to the winner.
   Photography Section: prize of € 2.000,00* to the winner.
   Digital Art Section: prize of € 1.000,00* to the winner.
   Graphic Art Section : prize of € 1.000,00* to the winner
*with the exception of any taxes under current laws (Awards recipients are responsible for any import taxes or levies payable on receipt of the awards in your own country).
Among the 70 finalist artworks, the commission will award 10 artists with the special prize “Be Art Builder”. The project concerns the ideation and the creation of an exhibition tailored for each artist, in order to highlight, from time to time, the personal artistic search of every winner. In order to make the project successful, the Associazione Il Sestante will consider and make available any resource at its disposal, such as exhibitions, publications, contemporary art fairs and digital events.
Since the ACIS has always been committed to promoting and endorsing youngest talents, there will also be a special award for those artists who were born after 01/01/1996, called The Under 21 Award. In order to promote and foster the talent of the youngest artists, the jury will choose the winner of The Under 21 Award among all the eligible candidates. The winner will participate in a contemporary art fair and will have the opportunity to expose and sell his work at the stand of the A.C.I.S. All Under 21 participants will have also the chance to compete as other artists equals to every other available award.
“Young Artist Prize” offered by the Regional Council of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
Anche per questa edizione il Consiglio Regionale del Friuli Venezia Giulia offrirà il premio Young (Under 30) consistente nell'organizzazione e allestimento di una mostra personale presso la Biblioteca consiliare "Livio Paladin" e la stampa di un catalogo.       
Biafarin is one of the partners in 3rd Premio LYNX 2017. Biafarin awards 5 artists for a total
worth of US$ 3,000 divided into:
- 2 Gold Membership Packages for Painting Artists
- 2 Gold Membership Packages for Photography Artists
- 1 Gold Membership Package for an under 21 artist
More information at the page Lynx-Biafarin
La galleria d'arte fotografica TST (TST Art Gallery), partner del Premio LYNX in tutte le edizioni e co-organizzatrice delle esposizioni dei finalisti nella città di Livorno, quest'anno ha voluto fortemente offrire la possibilità di un'esposizione personale presso i propri spazi per consentire ad un artista scelto di aumentare la propria visibilità.
5 Side-events.
Side-events involving up to 100 artists.

The Lynx Prize was formulated and organised by Associazione Culturale Il Sestante

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