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Guido Folco
Guido Folco was born in Torino, in 1965. He attended classical studies: he specialised in Modern Art History with a Degree in Modern Literature, at Torino’s University. He continued his studies at the Faculty of the Conservation of Cultural Heritage of the University of Genova, and obtained a Master’s Degree in Marketing, Communication and Advertising from the Managment School of the SDA Bocconi of Milano. He his a professional journalist, enrolled on the National Register of Journalists since 2004, and a gallerist since 1989. He his the Director and Editor of the monthly magazine “Italia Arte”, Editor of the publishing house Italia Arte since 2005, and he runs the MIIT Museum of Torino since 2012.
He also ran many papery and online reviews and newspapers, and he curated information and cultural television and radio programmes. He is the national cultural attaché of ASPIM Europe.
He organises national and international exhibitions of modern and contemporary art for the highest Italian Institutions abroad (IIC), and he works together with museums, galleries and foundations all over the world, such as the Italian Cultural Institute in Wien, Prague, Stuttgart, Copenaghen, Cologne, Sofia, the Zhou Brothers Art Center Foundation of Chicago, the Dalì Museum in Berlin, the Oud Sint-Jan Museum in Bruges, the Altes Dampfbad Museum in Baden-Baden, the Kunstlerforum Museum in Bonn, the regional Museum of natural science in  Torino, the Miami River Art Fair, the Roa e Strand Gallery in London, the Dioscuri of the Quirinale in Rome.
He has been publishing articles and books since 1989 and he takes care of national and international exhibition catalogues.

Vladimir Bačič
Vladimir Bačič was born in Dolenje, Slovenia, in 1958.
He his an artist and an Art teacher, President of the Fine Artist Society and Director of the Lokarjeva Galerija and of the association DLUSP (Društvo likovnih umetnikov Severne Primorske) in Ajdovščina, where he organises international exhibitions and the International Festival of watercolor Castra.

Alessandro Paron
Alessandro Paron vive e lavora a Livorno.
Direttore della TST Art Graphic, è esperto di grafica, stampa d’arte, fotografia e fine art.
Ha  messo a disposizione all’interno della sua galleria una camera oscura  che permette agli artisti di stampare su innumerevoli superfici.
Curatore di numerosi eventi, mostre e presentazioni.

Alessandro Paron lives and works in Livorno.
He is the director of the TST Art Graphic  and an expert in the fields of graphic, art print and fine art. In his  gallery artists can find a darkroom at their disposal and they can use  it to develop their work on different surfaces. He is curator for many  exhibitions, events and presentations.
Franco Chersicola
Born in 1954, Franco Chersicola lives and works in Trieste. He began  exhibiting his works from 1972, in many Italian and international  expositions (Salisburgo, Budapest, Bucarest, New York, Washington). Over  the years he has been commissioned for many public works and he has  been a jury member in international art competitions. Since 1996 his  atelier is a place where artists can work together. In 2012 a large  anthology has been dedicated to him at the Museum Casa dei Carraresi of  Treviso: "In attesa di Nevera". President of the Associazione Culturale Il Sestante, he contributes to its social and artistic activities.
Franco Rosso
Franco Rosso  (born 1952) lives and works in Trieste, where he graduated with a  thesis on visual communication. Later he started to work as an  advertising graphic and he started making consulting in the field of  marketing and communication for various companies. Constructivist  artist, he exposed his works in many Italian and international shows.  Publisher and journalist, he is editor in chief of a number of  magazines. Expert in the field of modern and contemporary art, he was  creator and curator for many exhibitions and, over the years, he  presented more than three hundred artists. Rosso chairs Centro  Iniziative Culturali Z04 and he is the vice president of the Art Projects Association.
Enea Chersicola co-curator LYNX Prize 2016
Enea Chersicola, co-curator of the LYNX Prize with Riccardo Tripodi, was born in Trieste in 1986, son of the artist Franco Chersicola.  He has a degree in philosophy and cultural anthropology with a thesis  about artists who experienced the Istrian and Dalmatian exodus. He was  curator for various expositions at the museum Casa dei Carraresi (Treviso) and he is the founder and curator for the Be Art Builder group; co-founder of the Associazione Culturale Il Sestante, he contributes to its social and artistic activities. He was curator for the show Open Way (Verona) with Riccardo Tripodi. He is a member of the artistic committee of the Circolo Assicurazioni Generali in Trieste.
Riccardo Tripodi co-curator LYNX Prize 2016
Riccardo Tripodi,  co-curator of the LYNX Prize with Enea Chersicola, was born in Reggio  Calabria in 1976 and he moved to Trieste, where he now lives and works,  in 2008. In 2010 he started dedicating himself to drawing and informal  painting. He has been exposing his works in some collective shows since  2011. In 2012 he was responsible for the communication of three  expositions at the Museum Casa dei Carraresi (Treviso) and the following year he was curator for the show Open Way (Verona) with Enea Chersicola.  Former teacher of computer science, he has worked in various  advertising web promotions. He is a member of the artistic committee of  the Circolo Assicurazioni Generali in Trieste.


The LYNX Prize was formulated and organised by Associazione Culturale Il Sestante

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