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Article 1 - Goals
The Associazione Culturale IL SESTANTE (after specified as A.C.I.S.) organizes the LYNX Prize 2019 dedicated to artists. The aim is to promote and endorse Contemporary Art, catching the
audience attention thanks to the high quality and the international experiences of the attending artists.
70 artworks will be shortlisted across the following 4 categories:
  • Painting (25 works)
  • Photography (25 works)
  • Digital Art (10 works)
  • Graphic Art (10 works)

Art. 2 - Admission Criteria
The competition is open to artists of all nations and there are no age limits; the subject is free.
In all sections the dimensional limitations, inclusive of all, are 150x190 cm (base x height). Polyptych is considered as “unique work”, so its total size must comply with the above measures.
Key selection criteria will be the research, the quality and the originality of the works (previously published artworks can be submitted as well). The winners of the first prizes in the past two editions cannot participate in the competition.
Paintings made using any technique, media and support (oil, acrylic, gouache, watercolor, paint, enamel, spray, ink, etc.) are eligible.
Analogic or digital photographs, photos including digital elaborations on any type of media (paper, metal, glass, stone, plastics, films, etc.) are eligible.
Works entirely created using the computer and works by photographic source, provided the digital intervention is structural, on any type of media (paper, metal, glass, stone, plastics, films, etc.) are eligible.
Graphic works made using the following techniques are eligible: graphite, charcoal, pen, Indian ink, intaglio (etching, aquatint, drypoint, engraving, soft paint, mezzotint, carborundum), woodcut, linocut, silk-screen, lithography and works performed in technical related.

Art. 3 - Deadlines and conditions for participation
Artists can enroll by July 28, 2019.
(until Sunday, July 28, 2019) The registration form is available on the website www.premiolynx.com (page “Registration” on the menu); to send the material about the pictures or videos, please carefully follow the instructions on your own page, reachable by performing the Login (password will be sent within 48 hours, after confirmation of payment).
Artists are solely responsible for enrollment, they are therefore encouraged to ensure that their applications have been sent successfully to join the LYNX Prize 2019 before deadline; the A.C.I.S.
has no responsibility in this regard.

Art. 4 - Registration Fee
To enter the Lynx Prize you must pay a membership fee of 50 euros. On the website www.associazioneilsestante.com you can find all the existing and planned activities for members. Together with the membership fee, artists shall pay the admission fee as follows:
  • One work 10 Euro
  • Two works 35 Euro
  • Three works 60 Euro To compete for the Special Prizes artists have to enroll at least three works.
  • Four works 85 Euro
  • Five to ten works 110 Euro To compete for the “Solo Exhibition” prize artists must subscribe 10 works.
Artists subscribing at least 5 works will receive a yearly free subscription to contemporary art magazine Contemporary LYNX.

Artists submitting at least 3 works will compete for the “Be Art Builder” prizes.
Artists subscribing at least 5 works will receive a yearly free subscription to contemporary art magazine “Contemporary LYNX”.
Artists submitting 10 works will compete for the “Solo Exhibition” prize.
Membership to the ACIS is valid until 31/12/2019 and is not subject to automatic renewal.

The payment must be made in Euro, net of any bank fees, commissions or other changes or costs. The amount paid is no way refundable. In addition, it is possible to enroll in more than one section by paying the membership fee just once.
After completing the online application procedure it will be possible to choose a payment method from:
  • Secure payment ON-LINE: PAYPAL (or prepaid card)
By clicking on the payment button you will be redirected to a sure page. Enter your credit card or prepaid card information, or log in into your PayPal account if you have one.
Advanced users can make their Pay Pal payment directly to associazioneilsestante@gmail.com.
After a few minutes an email containing the password to log in into your personal area will be sent to your email address (previously included in the subscription form), allowing you to upload the images of your artworks.
Pay attention: if the credit card or the prepaid card is not registered to the artist it is mandatory to send an email to associazioneilsestante@gmail.com, specifying the owner of the card and the participating artist.

• Bank transfer: Banca Etica, agency of TRIESTE
IBAN: IT85M0501802200000000163804 - Bic/Swift: CCRTIT2T84A
In the name of: Associazione Culturale IL SESTANTE Reason of the transfer: “artist’s name and surname - LYNX 2019”.
48 hours after the payment is confirmed an email containing the password to login into your personal area will be sent to your email address (previously included in the subscription form), allowing you to upload the images of your artworks. To speed up the procedure you can send a copy of the payment receipt to the following address: associazioneilsestante@gmail.com.

Art. 5 - Jury and Selection
The selection of the submitted artworks will be made by a judging panel consisting of 12 expert members. A commission, consisting of four members of the jury and coordinated by the curators,
will make a pre-selection of at least 500 works that will be then presented to the totality of the jury in order to choose the 70 selected works. Selected artists will then be required to deliver their
works in order to announce the 30 finalist artists.
The 70 selected works will be divided as follows: 25 belonging to the painting section, 25 belonging to the photography section, 10 to the Digital Art section and 10 to the Graphic section.
Among these, the jurors will elect a winner for each section. The 40 remaining works, not in the final shortlist, will be exhibited in at least one of the venues.
The jury’s decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

Art. 6 Presentation and transportation
It will be artists’ responsibility to ship or personally deliver every selected artwork. Artworks shall be framed and/or provided with everything necessary, ready to be displayed; in case those
instructions are not followed artworks will not be displayed. Artists are solely responsible for all arrangements and transportation fees connected to shipping to and from the A.C.I.S. and for insuring the artworks while they are in transit. The A.C.I.S. will take care of artworks’ displacement from one exhibition site to another.

Art. 7 Publication of the finalist artworks
The bilingual Italian/English catalogue, with ISBN code, containing the pictures of the 70 selected artworks along with texts of presentation, will provide also a description of the competition and of the locations hosting the exhibitions. A free copy of the catalogue will be given to every selected artist. The catalogue will be available for sale at the exhibition venues and also online, by request via email to associazioneilsestante@gmail.com. In order to widespread artists’ work the website will also provide a free low-resolution version.

Art. 8 - Awards
The 30 finalist artworks, shortlisted among the 70 selected artworks, will be displayed at the inaugural event in Trieste, Italy, then in Torino, Italy and finally in Ajdovščina, Slovenia.
The winning artwork of each section are conditional on the purchase by the A.C.I.S. as follows:
  • Painting Section: prize of € 4.000,00 * to the winner.
  • Photography Section: prize of € 1.500,00 * to the winner.
  • Digital Art Section: prize of € 500,00 * to the winner.
  • Graphic Art Section : prize of € 1.000,00 * to the winner
*with the exception of any taxes under current laws (Awards recipients are responsible for any import taxes or levies payable on receipt of the awards in your own country).

The prize collected by the winner of each section is intended as consideration for the provision of the work. The A.C.I.S. will have the ownership of the winning artworks while all the remaining
submitted works will remain artists’ property.
SPECIAL AWARDS (see the chart below):
Among the 70 finalist artworks, the commission will award 8 artists with the special prize “Be Art Builder”. The project concerns the ideation and the creation of an exhibition tailored for each
artist, in order to highlight, from time to time, the personal artistic search of every winner. In order to make the project successful, the Associazione Il Sestante will consider and make available
any resource at its disposal, such as exhibitions, publications, contemporary art fairs and digital events.
Winners of the Special Awards will keep the ownership of their artworks. If a sale should be made the A.C.I.S. will withhold a net 30% fee commission, while the unsold artworks will be returned to the owners in the manner agreed.
“SOLO EXHIBITION” PRIZES (for artists submitting 10 works):
Among the 70 finalist artworks, the commission will award 4 artists with the special prize “Solo Exhibition” award. The exhibitions will take place in Trieste, in one of the locations offered by LYNX Prize partners. In order to emphasize the specific artistic research, the organization will pay particular attention to tailoring each project to each artist.

SPECIAL UNDER 23 AWARD (see the below chart).

New awards from the partner BIAFARIN: One Annual Blue Membership Package.

The Organization reserves the right to increase the number of the awards. Any news on this matter will be reported on the official page at www.premiolynx.com.

Art. 9 - Stages and deadlines
July 28, 2019 Deadline for subscription.
August 4, 2019 Announcement of 70 selected works.
September 6, 2019 Deadline for artists to ship their works to be exhibited in the conditions to be communicated to the parties concerned by e-mail or phone.
28 September to 20 October 2019 (TIVARNELLA ART GALLERY) exhibition of the finalist works in Trieste (Italy) and announcement of the winner in each category.
9 to 23 November 2019 Second exhibition (MIIT International Art Museum), in Torino, Italy.
30 November to 14 December 2019 (LOKARJEVA GALERIJA) third exhibition in Ajdovščina (Slovenia).

Art. 10 - Limitation of Liability
The Associazione Culturale IL SESTANTE, while ensuring the utmost care and custody of the works, disclaims any responsibility for any theft, fire or any kind damage to the works that may occur during the stages of the event. Any insurance request must be signed by the artist himself and at his expense.

Art. 11 - Agreement
Each candidate authorizes the Associazione Culturale IL SESTANTE and its legal representative to process personal data according to Law 675/96 (Privacy Law), as amended Decree 196/2003 (Privacy Code), also for inclusion in databases operated by the persons in question.
Each entrant grants for free to the Associazione Culturale IL SESTANTE and to its legal representative the right to reproduce the works and texts related to the award, to draft the catalogue, to
promote the prize and the activities of the A.C.I.S. Any material sent for the submission will not be returned. The A.C.I.S. Organizational Direction reserves the right of final decision regarding all
items not specified in this announcement. The Organizational Direction also reserves the right to change the Terms if and when the need arises; all changes will be notified on the website portal
Membership and participation in the competition implies the unconditional acceptance of all the terms mentioned above. This document has been drawn up in Italian (official version) and thereafter translated into other languages. In the event of any inconsistency or discrepancy between the Italian official version and any other language versions of this publication, the Italian version shall prevail. This translation has no legal status.

Since the ACIS has always been committed to promoting and endorsing the youngest talents, there will also be a special award for those artists who were born after 01/01/1996, called The
Under 23 Award.
In order to promote and foster the talent of the youngest artists, the jury will choose the winner of The Under 23 Award (born after 01/01/1996) among all the eligible candidates. The winner will
participate in a contemporary art fair and will have the opportunity to expose and sell his work at the stand of the A.C.I.S.. As for Terms and Condition above all Under 23 participants will have
also the chance to compete as other artists equals to every other available award, but they will have to provide the following information when filling in the subscription form:
  • Pay Attention: it is not mandatory for Under 23 artists to include the biography or curriculum.
  • It is mandatory for artists born after 01/01/1996 to include, in their application form, a copy of a valid ID card stating the date of birth.
  • It is mandatory for underage artists to include, in their application form, an authorization signed by a parent or guardian and a copy of a valid ID card of the authorization’s subscriber.
In order to participate in the LYNX Prize, Under 23 artists must pay the registration fee as well (€50).
On the website www.associazioneilsestante.com you can find all the existing and planned activities for members.
Together with the membership fee, Under 23 artists shall pay the admission fee as follows:
One work Free
Two works 20 Euro
Three to ten works 45 Euro
To compete for the Special Prizes artists have to enroll at least three works;
Every Under 23 artist subscribing 3 or more works will receive a yearly free subscription to the contemporary art magazine Contemporary Lynx.
To compete for the SOLO EXHIBITION Prize, Under 23 artists need to subscribe 10 works.
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The LYNX Prize was formulated and organised by Associazione Culturale Il Sestante

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